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100 Days in Europe

  •     Underprepared and overpacked, on September 3rd, 2008, I, Matt Koulas, left Boston, Massachusetts and everything I had really known. I had done admittedly much less research and planning than I knew that I really should have done; especially when considering the length of time and financial investment I was commmitting to this endeavor.
  •     I had my itinerary and that was all I needed; a 5:30P.M. flight into Greece, with a connection in Frankfurt, Germany.
  •     And that was it. After that, it was all up in the air. I knew I would work my way north through Eastern Europe, and after that I had no set plan. A rough estimate of countries I would venture to and not much more. A slight idea of flying home from Ireland - purely because I could get a cheaper flight from there than anywhere else. Aside from that, the world was truly my oyster, and I was free to go wherever my passport and imagination could take me. I wanted to see something new.
  •     The photos on this site are a sampling of the 4,000+ that I took while out on my travels. Viewing these photos you can get a sample of how I saw each country, although there are no photos of the nightlife for the most part. Those are just mental pictures for me. Also, in some countries I carried my camera around more than in others, but without a detailed description from me, this is a fair enough representation of my journey. The first of many to come.
  •     Additionally you can read the original blog, "Life Without Borders" I kept while traveling.